Basil pesto

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We offer our product for flavouring ten minutes pasta dinners, sandwiches, salads or even for making fried eggs special!

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Basil pesto

Burjánzik a bazsalikom a birtokon. Ezt a szuper dolgot kihasználva elkezdtük a pesztó készítést. Az elmúlt években már jól bevált „Zsóka féle pesztó” receptet követjük idén is. Ajánljuk a termékünket 10 perces tészta vacsorához, szendvicsek,saláták ízesítésére vagy akár egy finom tükörtojás felturbózásához!

Ingredients: plenty of fresh basil leaf, roasted sunflower seeds, high quality olive oil, garlic, salt

Of course, basil pesto does not contain any perservatives and additives.

We recommend to store Basil Pesto refrigerated.

Sudár Birtok spice and tea range

We grow all the herbs and spices available on the farm ourselves. We handle the entire process from picking through drying to packaging, we use traditional techniques in a closed system. Therefore our products represent high quality, they remain aromatic and delicious as long as they are added to your food. Compared to industrial processing our products do not contain preservatives, additives and coloring agents. You can be sure that you truly get the real spices here,therefore, if you have not used them before, you should spice at first a little more carefully than you are used to. Much less of them is enough to get the same taste. :-)

If you live in the nearby come to us with your own container, our products can be purchased packaging-free by measure.