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About us

As we cultivate it , the earth also cultivates us.

That is why we touch every cub, every plant and animal - with love.

Sudár Birtok is a modern family farm based on traditional values. We believe in sustainable development, in that, the centuries of knowledge received from our ancestors can be recreated by our hands and we can pass it on to future generations.


At Sudár Birtok we grow spices and herbs

On our more than six-hectare sustainable farm, besides field plant growing we are engaged in the cultivation of spices and herbs. Creating high-quality, clean food is our intention therefore we do not use artificial fertilizers and chemicals, we enrich the soil with our own farm-manure and use biodegradable herbal mixture against pests.

At Sudár Birtok we prepare the plants ourselves

Presently we grown and process 17 types of plants, after picking by hand, drying our plants is happening in natural way in the attic. We also do the crumbling by hand, we pack it ourselves so the whole technological process is in closed system, therefore we can keep it in our own control.

About our products

Our products do not contain:

Sudár Birtok - Serving generations

We consider the transfer of knowledge as our important mission in addition to the production, so our farm is open from Spring to Autumn - by prior appointment - to everyone. We provide an opportunity for schools to visit us for a Project Day, and our adult visitors can take part in workshops where we present plants grouped around a theme utilize as spices and herbs.

Continuous development of Sudár Birtok

Our aim is to grow spices and herbs in an ever-increasing area by involving a higher proportion of our arable land, taking into consideration the unique needs of our Customers and Partners. We are selling the grown plants also freshly and dried form. In addition to our spices, teas, and spice mixtures and tea-blendings, our product range, which currently consists of 45 products, is colored by paprika powder, paprika cream, scented pillows and thyme syrup.

Whether you are our customer or our visitor we warmly welcome you.
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